Imagine a mastermind sisterhood of Multi-Six and Seven Figure business owners.
"I found my tribe!"
"I doubled my revenue."
Shift from Founder to CEO and Leader in your industry while being surrounded by a community of women who care for you from the inside out.
What if you could experience:
  •  Support from other ambitious women at your level.
  •  Luxury in person retreats to help you bond and give you time to strategize for your business. 
  •  Mastermind calls to share your wisdom and glean from others.
  •  Hot seat opportunities to provide new solutions for your business.
  •  Coaching to help you create a roadmap and make strategic choices.
  •  Leadership training because running a team is HARD.
  •  More time because you have added systems, automation and improved team productivity.
  •  Peace of mind from understanding your numbers and learning how to focus on the right ones.
Imagine having harmony in all areas of your life!
You're invited to join the
CEOCHIX Mastermind Program
Designed for ambitious, Multi-Six and Seven Figure women entrepreneurs who are scaling their businesses, growing their teams and desire to be surrounded by women just like them!
Can we be real with each other for a moment?
Listen. You are busy. And so am I.

There are many ways you could invest your hard earned dollars and I get that.

One of my superpowers is attracting the most incredible, whip-smart, kind, collaborative, ambitious, successful women to me.

They are hard to find, like a needle in a haystack.
"CEOCHIX gave me the courage to land a $300,000 project."
Someone asked me about the benefits of the CEOCHIX program:
I could have said any of the following:

    ✔︎ Revenue and profit growth (sometimes doubling).
    ✔︎ No longer feeling alone at the top.
    ✔︎ Training on how to hire efficiently and lead teams.
    ✔︎ Rejuvenation and connection at the retreats.
    ✔︎ 1/1 coaching from me.
But here is the truth.
The biggest benefit of this program is the other women in it.
You will not find them at a local meeting.
You will not find them in a Facebook group.
You will not find them at a conference.
Not all together.

You might find one, here and there, but not an entire group.

There are VERY few women who make it to the level that you have.

You are the top 5% of all business owners.
"I've grown my team and grown as a leader."
There are even fewer groups created just for women with Multi-six and Seven Figure businesses.
I intentionally bring together women who have different businesses, industries, educational backgrounds, career experiences, life-stages and hometowns.

Together our mastermind melting pot brings creative direction, out of the box ideas, a fresh perspective and the opportunity to learn about best practices outside of your industry.

At any point going forward, you will have a sisterhood to lean on. Women that are not in your normal group of friends. Women who are not competitors in your industry. Women who are growth oriented and ambitious. Women who love working AND family. Women who are leading. 
Women like you.
What's included?
CEOCHIX is for women who are:
  •  Earning a minimum of $300,000 in revenue*
  •  Scaling your business and growing your team 
  •  Stepping into the role as leader within your company and/or industry 
  •  Committed to attending a minimum of 3 of the 4 in-person events from this program in 2019
  •  Implementing new ideas quickly, have a growth mindset and have a lot of momentum in your business
  •  Ambitious and strong, but also open to new ideas and opportunities
  •  Not perfect, and do not have perfect businesses
No need to apply if you are:
  •  Content to keep your business at the size and scope it is right now
  •  Annoyed by input from others and are not coachable or teachable
  •  Not seeking to expand your network or grow your business
*Are you earning less than Multi-Six Figures? 
Check out our other Mastermind options for different income levels:
GrowthChix Accelerator
For women with 5 Figures in business revenue.
ProfitChix Mastermind
For women with business revenue of $100,000+ in the last 12 months.
"Since joining CEOCHIX, I have more time for strategic work."
Focus.  Accountability.  Community.
Small, Intimate Setting
Eight women per group
The groups are large enough to provide varied opinions and small enough to really dig deep and get to know each other's businesses and personalities.

I bring together women from diverse backgrounds, locations and industries which creates an ideal environment for creative, out of the box ideas for your business.

Mastermind groups are put together based on my years of experience and masters education on designing high performing teams.
Mastermind Calls
2  Calls per month
✔︎ ALL CEOCHIX call.
✔︎ Small group mastermind call.

Calls are recorded and stored for the duration of the mastermind.

*Only one call in months when we are meeting in person at our retreats.
In-Person Retreats
Each year we offer 4 retreats in February, May and August and November (prior to BizChix Live).

The retreat venue, lunch, dinner and a few surprises are included.

Transportation and accommodations are not included.

We recommend you arrive a day early to join us for a bonus dinner and fly out the day after as we close with a celebration meal.
During the course of the mastermind, you'll be given multiple opportunities to be in the hot seat. 

This is a chance for the group to deep dive into your business. Your mastermind will brainstorm out of the box solutions and creative ideas to help your business grow.
Community Support
All participants will have access to a private Facebook group with all other CEOCHIX in the program.

We use our group to connect with all the women in the program and get additional input on your business.

Plus we share personal and professional wins too!
BizChix Live
Participants in the CEOCHIX Mastermind receive a discounted rate for our annual event, BizChix Live. In addition, we host a 1-day retreat prior to BizChix Live for the CEOCHIX members.
What happens at the in person retreats?
  •  Connection: Connect with ALL the women in the CEOCHIX program, including your small group.
  •  Live Masterminding: Request to hot seat with the entire group.
  •  Leadership training: Training on how to lead your growing team and create efficiencies in your business.
  •  Implementation: Time is set aside for you to implement new ideas and work on your business.
  •  Entertainment: Explore the local area and cuisine with your mastermind sisters.
  •  Restoration: Each retreat is designed to give you alone time to restore and reflect.
Natalie Eckdahl image
Meet Your Coach and Faciliator
Natalie Eckdahl
Founder of
Natalie Eckdahl is a Business Strategist and High Performance Coach who helps high-achieving women entrepreneurs across industries and time zones build, grow and scale their business while avoiding overwhelm.
She’s the Founder of the BizChix Community and Podcast, and has been recognized as “One of the Top Women in Business to Listen to.” She has also been featured in Inc, Fast Company, Huffington Post and Entrepreneur.
Natalie brings a multidisciplinary perspective to her work. She draws from her MBA education, 20+ years of work experience, deep intuition, and over 250 podcast interviews with industry influencers to help her clients with customized strategy and coaching to reach 6 figure+ in PROFITS.
Natalie coaches and facilitates masterminds for women entrepreneurs whose revenue is multi-six figures and beyond. 

In her masterminds, Natalie draws on her masters level training on leading high performing teams, her corporate and non-profit experience working with teams and her years of experience leading masterminds for women entrepreneurs.

When she’s not enjoying precious moments with her husband, Mark and her 3 children ages 4 to 16, you can find her drinking a steaming cup of coffee, on her way to spin class or sneaking in a power nap. 

"I'd make this investment for the CEOCHIX retreats alone!"
The highlight of this program is that we get to see each other in person FOUR times a year.
It is required that you attend at least 3 of the in person opportunities, each year, although we hope you will come to ALL.

The in person experiences are trully where intimacy in the group is created and transformation occurs.

Four retreats (Feb, May, Aug, Nov) + a VIP Experience at BizChix Live.

We recommend you arrange travel so you arrive the day before and depart the day after.

Group dinner is arranged the night before the retreat starts and the last day of the retreat.

Lunch and dinner are provided all retreat days.

Retreat start time is 10am.

All in person events take place in Southern California.
What are others saying?

Betsy Furler, MS, CCC-SLP

After working with Natalie in her Six Figure+ mastermind, I have accomplished so much in just 6 months. I have owned a business for over 20 years and I have made more progress in the last 6 months than I did in the previous 19 1/2 years!  

Natalie and the group have encouraged me, helped me with major mindset issues, brainstormed with me and held me accountable (gently!).

In 6 months, I've learned so much about business and myself. I have written 2 1/2 books, produced an online course and increased my profit.

Thank you Natalie and my Mastermind friends!!!!

Jacqueline Snyder, Designer Consulting Co-Op

I  have been a member of one of Natalie’s Six Figure+ Masterminds. Natalie and the fellow women in this group have helped guide me and support me through major changes and pivots in my business that will steadily double my profits and salary. The mindset in this group reminds me that I am doing this to create the best possible life for my family and me and have a business that I love. 
Plus, we have fun!
CEOCHIX is the  program 
you will never want to leave.
Mastermind ~ Community ~ Focus ~ Support ~ Coaching
"CEOCHIX was the best decision I made for my business in 2018."
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